Amendments C218 and C219

In late 2016, Yarra City Council sought feedback about two separate proposals to rezone properties in Trenerry Crescent, Abbotsford.

 The properties are located at:

  • 18–62 Trenerry Crescent (amendment C218), and
  • 112–124 & 126–142 (amendment C219) Trenerry Crescent

The properties currently have a Commercial 2 zoning, which means they can be used for commercial purposes only. 

The proposals seek to rezone the properties to allow a mixture of commercial and residential uses. This would involve making change or ‘amendment’ to the Yarra Planning Scheme – a document that sets out rules for how land can be used and developed in Yarra.

Further information about the amendments appears in the sections below: 

Amendment C218 – 18 – 62 Trenerry Crescent
Amendment C219 – 112-124 and 1267-142 Trenerry Crescent
Johnston Street Local Area Plan
Yarra River Planning Controls 
How can I make a submission?
Drop-in information sessions
Next steps  

Amendment C218 - 18-62 Trenerry Crescent

Council has received a proposal from SJB Planning, acting on behalf of property owners Joval Pty. Ltd, to rezone 18-62 Trenerry Crescent from Commercial 2 to Commercial 1.

The Commercial 1 zone would allow the site to be redeveloped to include both residential and commercial activity.

As part of the amendment, the owners have proposed to apply an Incorporated Plan Overlay (IPO). The IPO outlines specific aspects of future development that future planning permits would be required to comply with. The maximum building height for future development is proposed to be no higher than 25 metres, with lower heights proposed for buildings along the river.

Additionally, the proposal includes a requirement for development to provide a minimum of 20% of the overall floor area for commercial purposes. This would ensure that business and employment remains on the site.

Amendment C218 documents:

docx format Explanatory Report C218 (170.99 KB)

DOCX format Yarra C218 81_01s_yara Exhibition.DOCX (28.55 KB)
docx format Yarra C218 43_03s02 yara Exhibition.docx (2.51 MB)
DOCX format Yarra C218 Instruction Sheet Exhibition.DOCX (26.14 KB) 
DOCX format Yarra C218 Notice of the preparation of an amendment.DOCX (27.64 KB)
pdf format 18-62 Trenerry Crescent Incorporated Plan 101116 (485.96 KB) 
pdf format Yarra C218 001znMap06 Exhibition.pdf (92.45 KB) 
pdf format Yarra C218 002ipoMap06 Exhibition.pdf (95.48 KB)
pdf format Yarra C218 003eaoMap06 Exhibition.pdf (92.37 KB)

You can also view these documents at the Richmond and Collingwood town halls

 Amendment C219 - 112-124 & 126-142 Trenerry Crescent

Council has received a separate proposal from Urbis, acting on behalf of the Australian Education Union (AEU) that owns the northern most properties on Trenerry Crescent at 112–124 and 126–142.

The proposal seeks to rezone the two properties from a Commercial 2 zone to a Mixed Use Zone.

A Mixed Use Zone would allow a mix of residential and commercial uses on the sites.

The AEU would continue its operations at 126 –142 Trenerry Crescent whilst considering options for its property at 112–124 Trenerry Crescent.

As part of the amendment, the owners have also proposed to apply a Development Plan Overlay (DPO). The DPO provides a framework for future development and sets out specific conditions, including a maximum building height of 25 metres with lower heights leading down to the river.

This proposed DPO acknowledges the importance of the existing heritage building (112-124 Trenerry Crescent), which is covered by a Heritage Overlay.

The DPO also seeks to maintain view lines to the Yarra River, provide a shared pedestrian/cycle link from Trenerry Crescent to the Capital City Trail and improve cycling conditions at the corner of Trenerry Crescent as it turns east along the edge of the freeway. 

Amendment C219 documents: 

DOCX format Yarra C219 Explanatory Report Exhibition.DOCX (1.74 MB)
DOCX format Yarra C219 Instruction Sheet Exhibition.DOCX (26.14 KB)
DOCX format Yarra C219 Notice of the preparation of an amendment.DOCX (28.18 KB)
DOCX format Yarra C219 43_04s14_yara Exhibition.DOCX (3.31 MB)
pdf format 1 Yarra C219 001znMaps02_06 Exhibition.pdf (96.12 KB)
pdf format Yarra C219 002dpoMaps02_06 Exhibition.pdf (98.00 KB)
pdf format Yarra C219 003eaoMaps02_06 Exhibition.pdf (96.12 KB)

You can also view these documents at the Richmond and Collingwood town halls

Johnston Street Local Area Plan

In December 2015, Council adopted the Johnston Street Local Area Plan. The plan – developed in consultation with the community – sets out a vision for the future of the precinct, covering the area around Johnston Street from the Yarra River to the east, through to Smith Street in the west.

The plan recommends creating a diverse mix of activity, with commercial uses generally at street level, and residential uses at upper levels to make the area more vibrant and accessible.

The proposed rezonings are in accordance with the vision set out in the Johnston Street Local Area Plan.

Yarra River Planning Controls

 There are controls in place for development along the Yarra River corridor. The controls are designed to protect the river as an important environmental and community asset.

In January 2016, the State Government introduced an interim Design and Development Overlay, which includes mandatory building heights and setbacks for new development along the Yarra River. The proposed amendments (C218 and C219) are in accordance with those controls.

The State Government is continuing work to strengthen these controls and will provide further information about that process in future.

Next Steps

Council consulted with the community about these proposals in November and December 2016. Two information sessions were held at the Collingwood Town Hall and information was sent to residents and property owners in the immediate area. 

 It is anticipated Council will consider the submissions at a meeting to be held in February 2017. Council may refer the amendment to a planning panel, an independent forum set up by the State Government.

Community members who made a submission will have the opportunity to present to the panel. However, written submissions are still considered by the panel should submitters not wish to attend the panel hearing. More information about planning panels can be found at the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website. 




Further information

Evan Burman – Strategic Planner
9205 5075



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