Amendment C140

Council resolved to abandon Amendment C140 on 24 October 2013 in accordance with the recommendations made in a Panel Report that was received by Council on 29 June 2012.

The abandonment of the Amendment means that changes to the Yarra Planning Scheme will not occur at this stage. However, future work on the Smith Street Structure Plan in response to Plan Melbourne, the State Government’s metropolitan planning strategy, may lead to a planning scheme amendment in future.

Smith Street Structure Plan implementation

Council prepared Amendment C140 to the Yarra Planning Scheme to implement some of the objectives outlined in the Smith Street Structure Plan.

The Amendment proposes to make the following changes to the Yarra Planning Scheme:

  • Modify Clause 21.04-2 (Activity Centres) to make reference to the new Clause 21.08
  • Insert a new Section at Clause 21.08 of the MSS entitled “Activity Centres” and a sub-section at Clause 21.08-1 entitled “Smith Street Activity Centre” to reflect the vision, principles and strategic objectives of the Smith Street Structure Plan, adopted by Council 18 November 2008
  • Modify the relevant neighbourhood sections (Collingwood and Fitzroy) of the MSS under current Clause 21.08 to also reflect the vision, principles and strategic objectives of the Smith Street Structure Plan
  • Include the Smith Street Structure Plan in the list of reference documents under current Clause 21.11 – Reference Documents, and
  • Introduce a new schedule to the Design and Development Overlay (DDO14) to apply to the subject area.

Documents to support the Amendment can be found here:

Explanatory Report and Gazette Notice:

 doc format Amendment C140 Explanatory Report (81.50kB)
 docx format Amendment C140 Gazette Notice (14.83kB)

Changes to the Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS):

 docx format Clause 21.08 - Smith Street Activity Centre.docx (16.69kB)
 docx format 21_09-5.docx (18.01kB)
 docx format 21_09-7.docx (17.44kB)
 docx format Land Use MSS 21.04.docx (4.66MB)
 docx format Reference Documents MSS 21.12.docx (2.38MB)

Proposed Design and Development Overlay:

 docx format Schedule 14 to the Design and Development Overlay.docx (27.74kB)
 pdf format Design and Development Overlay 14 Map.pdf (728.98kB)

List of Amendments, List of Changes & List of Instructions:

 doc format Amendment C140 List of Amendments.doc (440.00kB)
 docx format Amendment C140 List of changes.docx (19.66kB)
 doc format List of Instructions Am C140.doc (40.50kB)


The planning panel process

Council sought community feedback on the Amendment in October - November 2011. Seven submissions from the community were received.

At its Council Meeting on 21 February 2012 Council resolved to request that the Minister for Planning appoint an independent planning panel to consider the Amendment.

The Panel Report was received in June 2012 and can be viewed here:

pdf format Panel Report Amendment C140 (345.52 KB)

Further Information
Evan Burman
Strategic Planner
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