Amendment C126

Public Acquisition Overlay – North Fitzroy Community Hub

Amendment C126 was approved by the Minister for Planning and gazetted on 21 October 2010.

The land affected by the Amendment is 182-186 St Georges Road, North Fitzroy.

The Amendment applied a Public Acquisition Overlay (PAO3) over the land so the North Fitzroy Community Hub could be built there. Following the approval of the Amendment, Council completed the legal steps in the compulsory acquisition process and became the official owner of the 940m2 land in April 2011.


Council sought community feedback on the proposed Amendment in December 2009 and January 2010.

The Amendment was opposed by the land’s owner. Rather than abandon the Amendment, Council decided at its March 2010 meeting to request that the Minister for Planning convene an independent panel to consider the owner’s submission. The panel held its hearing in late June 2010, with Council and the land owner both making submissions.

In July 2010, the panel released its report, which supported the Amendment. The panel found there was strategic justification for the Amendment, that it was supported by State and local policy and that the process had been fair to the owner. The full report can be viewed here:

 pdf format Amendment C126 Panel Report.pdf (553.98kB)  

The documents to support the Amendment can be viewed here in pdf format:

pdf format Public Notice.pdf (16.53kB)
pdf format Instruction Sheet.pdf (11.14kB)
pdf format Explanatory Report.pdf (38.06kB)
pdf format Zone Map.pdf (55.81kB)
pdf format List of Changes.pdf (14.28kB)
pdf format Public Acquisition Overlays Schedule.pdf (36.14kB)
pdf format List of Amendments.pdf (35.38kB)

Further Information
Sherry Hopkins
Coordinator – Strategic Planning
9205 5374

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