Amendment C109

Introduction of Local Gaming Policy

Amendment C109, which introduces a new Local Gaming Policy, has been approved by the Minister for Planning and was gazetted on 11 November 2010.

The Local Gaming Policy enables Council to respond effectively to any proposed new electronic gaming machines.

The Policy recognises that there are some parts of the community that are adversely affected by problem gambling and are considered vulnerable to the influence of electronic gaming machines.

It requires Council to take into account the anticipated social and economic impacts when considering a planning permit application for an existing venue or for a new gaming venue.

The Amendment also updates the Yarra Municipal Strategic Statement to:

  • Ensure the establishment of new or additional gaming machines does not occur close to relatively disadvantaged or vulnerable communities
  • Support the redistribution of gaming machines away from vulnerable communities
  • Discourage gaming machines from locating or increasing where there is a likelihood of significant ‘convenience gaming’ occurring.

The Amendment includes Victoria Gardens shopping centre as a restricted location for electronic gaming machines.

Council sought community feedback on Amendment C109 in March 2010. Council adopted the Amendment at its May 2010 meeting.

More information about the Amendment is available in the following documents in pdf format:

pdf format Explanatory Report.pdf (23.54kB)
pdf format Public Notice.pdf (131.93kB)
pdf format Clause 22.15 Local Gaming Policy .pdf (164.47kB)
pdf format Clause 21.04 MSS revisions .pdf (89.97kB) 
pdf format Clause 52.28-3 (Gaming) Schedule .pdf (12.02kB)


Further Information
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Strategic Planner
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