State Planning Policy Framework Review

The Victorian Government has initiated a review of State and Local Planning Policy

The draft Planning Policy Framework has been drafted to:

  • drive a fundamental change in the way planners make decisions to a facilitation approach rather than a regulation approach
  • be more user friendly by being easier to read, understand and navigate
  • include more graphics to show spatial policies effectively
  • link state, regional and local policy to better align policy matters ensuring local policy retains its important role.

Working closely with council planners, state government departments and statutory authorities, and industry stakeholders, the Committee has:

  • identified opportunities to make the SPPF easier to navigate
  • removed redundant (outdated) policy
  • updated the policy framework to reflect the draft Plan Melbourne (October 2013), regional growth plans and reformed zones
  • developed a system which enables state, regional and local policy on specific themes to sit together to form a cohesive policy narrative, rather than be split across different, unconnected parts of the planning scheme.

What this means for Yarra 

Council was informed on Friday 14 March by the State Government that it proposes to combine the Local and State Planning Policy Framework.

This proposal represents a significant restructuring of the policy section of the Yarra Planning Scheme, and also incorporates recent policy changes, such as Plan Melbourne and the Regional Growth Plans (noting that Plan Melbourne is yet to be finalised).

The proposed structure aims to increase clarity, reduced repetition, resulting in an easier to read document and better alignment with state and regional policy.

Submissions to the State Government's Advisory Committee on the draft were due by Friday 23 May, 2014.

Follow the link to find out more about the State and Local Planning Policy review.

Liz Mackevicius
Research and Policy Coordinator  - City Strategy
9205 5311


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