Metropolitan Planning Strategy

The State Government has developed a new draft Metropolitan Planning Strategy, known as Plan Melbourne, to guide Melbourne’s growth and development over the next 40 years.

This plan will provide the strategic impetus for future planning decisions concerning housing, employment, infrastructure and the environment in Melbourne.

Its vision is that “Melbourne will be a global city of opportunity and choice”. It seeks to “integrate long-term land use, infrastructure and transport planning to meet the population housing and employment needs of the future.”

To read the draft Plan Melbourne document in full, visit the Plan Melbourne website.

Council's submission to Plan Melbourne - December 2013

The State Govenment called for public feedback on the draft plan in November and December 2013. Council sought feedback from the Yarra community, including holding a community information session in mid-November, to help inform it's submission.

Council endorsed its submission to Plan Melbourne at its meeting on Tuesday 3 December. A copy of Council's submission can be viewed below:

pdf format Yarra Submission to Draft Metropolitan Planning Strategy (153.24 KB)

In summary, Council's submission outlines a number of positive aspects of the draft strategy including:

  • The objective of integrating of land use, transportation and economic development;
  • The objective of clearly defining areas for change;
  • The emphasis on promoting housing diversity;
  • Protection and enhancement of waterways, including addressing development issues along the Yarra River;
  • Creating a fixed Urban Growth Boundary;
  • Protection of agricultural land;
  • Greater protection of the character of neighbourhood centres;
  • Acknowledging the value of open space, new funding opportunities and the need for an overarching metropolitan open space plan; and
  • Support for a development contribution system and other funding options.

Of concern for Council was a lack of strategic basis to support the identification of Urban Renewal Areas (URAs). The URAs could compromise future employment and economic development opportunities in Yarra by giving priority to residential development at the expense of current and future business opportunities.

In its submission, Council also expressed its support for investment in public transport and reiterated its opposition to the State Government's East West Road Link.

Council also noted that environmental sustainability topics like climate change adaptation, heat island effect and peak oil are not addressed in the draft strategy.



Summary of Council's submission to the Metropolitian Planning Strategy discussion paper - March 2013 

In October 2012, the State Government released a discussion paper on its Metropolitan Planning Strategy (MPS) titled 'Melbourne - Let's Talk About the Future'.

The discussion paper can be viewed in full on the Plan Melbourne website.

The aim of the discussion paper was to "prompt debate around the challenges and ideas for Melbourne's future" so that community views can help to inform the final version of the MPS.

Council's submission - made in March 2013 - was based on a review and assessment of the potential impacts and opportunities of the discussion paper for the City of Yarra.

The submission included feedback from a community information session that was held in February 2013 attended by about 50 residents, business owners and community group representatives.

Minutes from that meeting are attached: docx format Community Information Session Meeting Notes - 11 February (23.87 KB)

One of Council’s key concerns outlined in its subsmission was that the Metropolitan Planning Strategy needed to be supported by a long-term framework for infrastructure.
Council also preferred the Strategy to reflect the role of the inner city as a location for employment but was wary of the ‘one size fits all’ approach that had been used with regards to activity centres in past planning strategies.

Council believed the Strategy should recognise and ensure the protection of valued heritage and character of inner city areas, including Yarra.
The Strategy should also include clear and comprehensive policy for environmentally sustainable development and climate change.

The main issues raised in Council’s submission related to:

  • Urban Growth and Renewal  
  • Sustainability and Climate Change
  • Affordable Housing
  • Social Inclusion
  • Metropolitan Economy and Employment
  • Heritage and Character
  • Transport
  • Open Space provision
  • Implementation, including funding and delivery of infrastructure and governance issues.

The full submission can be read here: docx format MPS Discussion Paper Submission - March 2013 (673.19 KB)


The Metropolitan Planning Strategy replaced the former Labor State Government's Melbourne 2030 planning framework.

Nine principles outlined have informed the development of the draft Metropolitan Planning Strategy.

Those principles are:

  • A distinctive Melbourne
  • A globally connected and competitive city
  • Social and economic participation
  • Strong communities
  • Environmental resilience
  • A polycentric city linked to regional cities
  • Living locally – a ’20 minute’ city
  • Infrastructure investment that supports city growth
  • Leadership and partnership.


Metropolitan Planning Authority

A new Metropolitan Planning Authority has been set up to implement the State Government’s Metropolitan Planning Strategy.

The authority replaces the Growth Areas Authority and will work with Councils, landowners and other stakeholders to implement the initiatives set out in Plan Melbourne and coordinate the structure planning for new precincts.

More information about the Authority's roles and responsbilities will be released by the State Government as the MPS is developed.

Further information
Sherry Hopkins
Coordinator - Strategic Planning
9205 5374


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