Richmond Terminal Station redevelopment

In April 2012, Council issued a permit for a $140 million redevelopment of the Richmond Terminal Station in Mary Street.

Richmond Terminal Station Upgrade

Located in Mary St, Richmond, the Richmond Terminal Station is an integral part of Victoria’s electricity infrastructure. It is one of several high voltage electricity terminal stations that serve inner Melbourne.

SP AusNet owns and operates the electricity transmission network in Victoria, including Richmond Terminal Station, and is therefore responsible for providing the state with a reliable supply of high voltage electricity.

To enable the terminal station upgrade, Construction Management officers have  met with the operator and consultants regarding a construction management plan for the works stage. 

The planning permit for the works was granted by Council in April 2012.

The project will involve replacing existing ageing outdoor switchgear with more compact equipment housed in three new buildings.  This will result in a more functional and compact design with less visual clutter.

Further project information is available from SP AusNet.

The permit provides permission for SPI Powernet to undertake works associated with the upgrade of an existing utility installation. These works will include the creation of three new buildings.

It is anticipated that the works will occur in three main stages over a period of approximately five years. According to SPI Powernet, there will be periods of considerable activity and other periods where there will be little activity. As a majority of the works will need to occur when electricity demand is low, it is anticipated that more activity will occur during autumn and spring.

The permit was issued in accordance with conditions spelt out by Council. At its 7 February 2012 Council meeting, Council resolved to support the redevelopment but required some changes to the original proposal. These changes included requiring that rain water tanks be installed and that all reference to a “future service and storage area” be deleted from the plans. For a full list of the Council conditions, please see the Minutes of the 7 February 2012 Council meeting (Page 35 onwards).

Separately, Council resolved that the Mayor would write to the CEO of SPI Powernet, seeking written confirmation that the company intends to contribute to the Richmond Primary School capital works program along the lines discussed with the school to date.


Prior to Council deciding on whether to issue a permit for the redevelopment, SPI Powernet appealed to VCAT against Council's failure to make a decision on the proposal within 60 days.

Council resolved to advise VCAT that it supported the redevelopment, with some changes to the original proposal as outlined above.

There was one objector who was party to the VCAT appeal, but the objector did not attend the VCAT hearing. On the basis of the non-attendance, VCAT struck out the matter and ordered the granting of the permit. 

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