Dimmeys redevelopment


In November 2011, the Victorian Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal (VCAT) approved a redevelopment of the Dimmeys site in Cremorne.

Here is a media release from Council about VCAT's decision.

Council had strongly opposed the redevelopment, refusing to issue a permit for it and then employing a senior barrister to argue the Council and community's case at VCAT.

Despite this, VCAT has ordered Council to issue a permit to Richmond Icon Pty Ltd for the mixed-use redevelopment, which will involve a new supermarket and 82 apartments. The Dimmeys clocktower and Swan Street façade will be retained.

Here is doc format VCAT's decision on the Dimmeys redevelopment (244.00kB).


On 22 February 2011, Council resolved that a Notice of Refusal to Grant a Planning Permit be issued to Richmond Icon Pty Ltd for the redevelopment.

Here is a media release about Council's decision.

The proposal involved: 

  • The retention and refurbishment of the Dimmeys clocktower and Swan Street facade
  • Construction of a 10 storey oval shaped residential building in the south-western corner of the site, over two basement levels
  • Construction of three roof top residential buildings, ranging in height from one – three levels
  • A total of 82 residential dwellings with a mix of one and two bedroom units
  • Use of the ground floor for retail and a supermarket, with ancillary services at first floor level
  • Use of part of the first floor as loft spaces for use as either dwellings, artist studios or offices
  • A reduction in the number of car parking spaces required for the associated uses
  • Vehicle access to the lower basement level for residential parking from Byron Street (100 car spaces)
  • Vehicle access to the upper basement level for commercial parking from Green Street (74 car spaces)
  • Provision of a loading bay at ground floor level accessed off Green Street
  • A total of 35 bicycle parking spaces in association with the residential use, with 25 spaces for residents and 10 spaces for visitors; and a total of 8 spaces in association with the retail use.

As the site is included on the State Heritage Register, the developer was required to get approval from Heritage Victoria for the redevelopment. In August 2010, Heritage Victoria issued a permit for a redevelopment involving an 11-storey oval-shaped residential building at the south-western corner of the site. Here is the  pdf format Heritage Victoria Permit - Dimmeys (1.26MB).

The proposal submitted to Council did differ from the Heritage Victoria-approved development. For example, the height of the residential building was lowered by one storey. This was due to Council's planning officers reiterating their concerns in terms of the height and form of the tower element, and the tower’s detailed design. Council wanted to ensure that the landmark qualities of the clocktower were respected. The developer subsequently revised its application.

The proposed redevelopment has been revised several times. In early 2010, Heritage Victoria raised concerns about an earlier proposal involving construction of two buildings at the rear of the site, one of which would have risen to 11 storeys. Council also made a pdf format submission (188.31kB) to Heritage Victoria about the heritage aspects of that application. Council's submission objected to the proposal on the grounds that the scale and proportions of the proposed 11 storey building would detract from the clocktower’s landmark status. Here is a media release about Council’s objection to that earlier proposal.

Documents presented as part of the VCAT hearing

Below are the expert witness reports presented by Council at the hearing:

pdf format Dimity Reed, Architect - Urban design (104.82kB)
pdf format Craig Czarny, Hansen - Town Planning.pdf (1.31MB)
pdf format Traffix Group - Traffic.pdf (1.87MB)

Below are the expert witness reports presented by the applicant:

pdf format Andrew Biacsi, Contour – Town Planning .pdf (602.84kB)
pdf format Cardno Grogan Richards – Traffic Part 1.pdf (928.96kB)
pdf format Cardno Grogan Richards – Traffic Part 2.pdf (2.05MB)
pdf format Cardno Grogan Richards – Traffic Part 3.pdf (1.91MB)
pdf format Marshall Day – Acoustic.pdf (1.37MB)
pdf format Scharp – Photo Montages .pdf (57.71kB)
pdf format Scharp – Photo Montages .pdf (1.57MB)
pdf format Rob Deutscher, Woods Bagot - Urban Design.pdf (319.46kB)

Planning application and supporting documents

pdf format Planning report (Part 1) (2.48MB)
pdf format Planning report (Part 2) (1.91MB)

pdf format Architectual Drawings (Part 1) (2.30MB)
pdf format Architectural Drawings (Part 2) (2.65MB)
pdf format Architectural Drawings (Part 3) (2.07MB)

pdf format Urban Context Report (Part 1) (2.66MB)
pdf format Urban Context Report (Part 2) (2.16MB)
pdf format Urban Context Report (Part 3) (1.83MB)
pdf format Urban Context Report (Part 4) (1.90MB)
pdf format Urban Context Report (Part 5) (1.33MB)
pdf format Urban Context Report (Part 6) (2.43MB)
pdf format Urban Context Report (Part 7) (2.74MB)
pdf format Urban Context Report (Part 8) (1.94MB)


pdf format Traffic impact assessment (1.17MB)
pdf format  ESD report (725.92kB)
pdf format Landscape plan (169.97kB)
pdf format Environmental wind assessment (284.38kB)
pdf format Waste management plan (292.07kB)


Further information
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Manager - Statutory Planning
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