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Heritage-House-in-Webb-Street-FitzroyInformation regarding the level of heritage significance of places in Yarra can be accessed via two means: 

Incorporated Document

There is an Incorporated Document in the Yarra Planning Scheme which provides a full list of all properties subject to the Heritage Overlay and their level of significance. To view the Heritage Incorporated Document, visit the Incorporated Documents webpage.

Heritage Database

The heritage database (hosted by Heritage Victoria) is a fully searchable online database containing information about heritage places and precincts within the City of Yarra.

Click here to access Yarra's heritage database.

NOTE: the text in the database is based on information from past heritage studies which now form reference documents at clause 22.02 of the Yarra Planning Scheme. To ensure accuracy, the information within the studies should be relied upon. In the event of any inconsistencies, the information in the studies prevail over that in the database.

The database includes statements of significance, physical descriptions, photographs and heritage overlay numbers. It is hosted on Heritage Victoria's "Victorian Heritage Database", which is becoming a central repository for all heritage information in the State of Victoria.

The database includes all places that are situated within a heritage overlay and provides information on its level of significance (registered, individually significant, contributory, not contributory or unknown) to the heritage overlay schedule.

The information in the heritage database is derived from a study conducted by Graeme Butler and Associates in 2007 for Yarra City Council. It is limited to places where the City of Yarra is the "data owner". If you want information on places outside of the City of Yarra or on places which are on the Victorian Heritage Register, please visit Heritage Victoria's website.

Further information

You can find out more about heritage gradings on the Understanding Heritage Gradings webpage.

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