Bikes and sustainable transport

Tram in RichmondFuture travel demand in Melbourne will negatively impact on Yarra unless there is support for adequate alternatives such as bicycle and walking paths and improved public transport.

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Bikes are a great way to get around, explore your neighbourhood, visit friends and travel to work.

More Yarra residents per capita ride bicycles to and from work than in any other metropolitan Melbourne area. Yarra Council is consistently ranked in the top two spending councils on bicycle infrastructure including lanes, paths and parking.

Results from Bicycle Network Victoria's BIXE survey - which compares how much local governments spend on bike infrastructure - shows Yarra Council plans to spend $27.74 on bicycle infratructure per resident in 2014/15.  This investment makes Yarra Council the second top spender in Victoria behind the City of Melbourne.  

Council's long-term investment in bike infrastructure is among the highest in Victoria, with Yarra spending an average of $20.73 per resident on bicycle infrastrcuture over the last five years. 

In 2014/15, Council will spend $2.79 million on bicycle infrastructure including:

Melbourne Bike Share

Yarra has joined the Melbourne Bike Share phenomenon, with three sites now in operation in the municipality. 
The sites are located at Yorkshire Brewrey in Wellington Street, Collingwood, the Australian Catholic University on the corner of Napier Street and Victoria Parade, and the corner of Moor and Young streets in Fitzroy.

An ideal way to travel around Yarra and beyond, Bike Share is designed for short trips across the city. Melbourne Bike Share is operated by the RACV on behalf of PTV. For more information and for the network map visit 

Click on one of the links below to read more about:

Bike routes and maps
Cycling organisations
Bike safety tips
Bike Strategy
Car sharing

Bicycle Advisory Committee

 Council has a Bicycle Advisory Committee that meets every two months to discuss the development of the local bicycle network and other bicycle infrastructure in Yarra.

Trains not tollroads

Yarra Council is helping to lead a community campaign that call for investment in trains not tollroads.

The campaign opposes the State Government’s east-west road and supports the creation of a new train line from Doncaster to Melbourne’s Central Business District.

Council believes that investment in public transport is the best fix for traffic congestion as experience has shown that providing more roads only encourages more people to use cars.

To read more about the campaign, visit the Trains not tollroads webpage.

Strategic Transport Statement

The following documents underpin Council's work to encourage more sustainable forms of transport:  

First adopted in 2006, the Strategic Transport Statement aims to meets the transport needs of residents, businesses, visitors and commuters, while minimising the negative impact cars on Yarra’s community. It is not intended to be a comprehensive transport strategy, but a broad statement of Council’s direction on transport policy. The original version of the document first adopted in 2006 appears below:  

pdf format Strategic Transport Statement 2006 (184.98kB)
doc format Strategic Transport Statement 2006 (233.00kB)

In August 2011, Council reviewed the Strategic Transport Statement and updated the proposed actions to be completed from 2012 to 2016. The updated actions appear in the documents below:

pdf format Strategic Transport Statement revised actions 2012 - 2016 (169.38kB)
docx format Strategic Transport Statement revised actions 2012 - 2016 (55.53kB)

Each proposed action will be subject to further investigation and community consultation.

Encouraging and Increasing Walking Strategy

The Encouraging and Increasing Walking Strategy provides a framework for Council to promote higher levels of walking in the City of Yarra. It also provides information for residents, businesses and visitors about the principles that underpin Council's decision-making about Yarra’s walking environment.

pdf format Encouraging and Increasing Walking Strategy 2005 (2.48MB) 

Further information
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Manager Strategic Transport & Environment
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