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Reading Room Fitzroy Town HallVerse Novels

  • A dangerous girl, Catherine Bateson
  • The year it all happened, Catherine Bateson
  • Love that dog, Sharon Creech
  • Split image: A story in poems, Mel Glenn
  • Volcano boy: A novel in verse, Libby Hathorn
  • A place like this: A novel, Steven Herrick
  • Love ghosts and nose hair, Steven Herrick
  • The simple gift, Steven Herrick
  • The spangled drongo, Steven Herrick
  • Out of the dust, Karen Hesse
  • Girl_X recreated, Leanne Rowe
  • What my mother doesn't know, Sonya Sone
  • Stop pretending: What happened when my big sister went crazy, Sonya Sones
  • The angel of Barbican High, Michelle A.Taylor
  • Jinx, Margaret Wild
  • True believer, Virginia Euwer Wolff


  • Not quite the man for the job, Adam Ford
  • You hear me? Poems and writing by teenage boys, Betsy Franco (Ed.)
  • The essential haiku, Robert Hass (Ed.)
  • My life, my love, my lasagne, Steven Herrick
  • A common prayer, Michael Leunig
  • Glitter when you jump: Poems celebrating girls and women, Fiona Waters (Ed.)

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