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The Brotherhood of St Laurence runs a free Homework Centre at the Fitzroy Library from Monday to Thursday, between 4.00pm – 6.00pm. Specialist tutors are available to assist students with a range of subjects, and to help students develop useful study skills. For more information, visit the Brotherhood of St Laurence.  

Homework Resources


Ergo - The State Library of Victoria Student site – writing an essay and don’t know where to start? Learn about research, essay writing and study skills.
Need to produce a piece of writing but having trouble starting? These writing scaffolds can be printed out or you can use them online. Find resources to help you write anything – from bibliographies to essays.
Evaluating your resources – why do your teachers want you to look at print resources like books and journals and not just online resources.   

English Practice

BBC Skillswise - a fantastic website for English language games on Grammar, reading, writing, spelling, listening and vocabulary.
University of Victoria English Language Centre - English-language lessons and practice exercises created by teachers at the ELC.  
Activities for ESL Students - grammar, vocabulary and bilingual quizzes.
The Victorian Essential Learning Standards Teaching and Learning Resources
English Homework Help Resource Guide 

Learning English

Many Things - quizzes, word games, word puzzles, proverbs, slang expressions, anagrams, a random-sentence generator and other computer assisted language learning activities for people learning English as a second language (ESL).

Learning A Foreign Language

Victoria Education Department Languages Online - Fun games and activities for learning FRENCH, GERMAN, INDONESIAN OR ITALIAN.
Learning a language not listed above? Use the free downloadable game makers to make your own games to test yourself.
More games and activities for learning a foreign language.    


Math Worlda useful website for defining maths terms.  Includes downloadable notebooks and interactive exercises.
Web Math - a very useful website for students to use at home to check their answers and working out. Great for revision before tests when you don’t have the answer or you don’t understand how the answer given was achieved.
Multiplication - basic Multiplication games to help brush up on your timetables.


The Science Spot Kidz Zone – a link library of great resources and some fun science games. This site is really well organised into different science disciplines (biology, chemistry, physics etc).
Chem4kids – Not just for kids! A really good site for learning about chemistry. Have a project on atoms, elements or chemical reactions? Need to learn about the periodic table? This is a great site to visit for chemistry topics over all year groups. 
BBC Virtual Human Body – Learn about the human body and its structure and function. Drag and drop the organs into the body and discover what they do.
How Stuff Works - Having trouble understanding a topic? Need to find out what makes something tick? Search this site for a step by step tutorial on anything you’re interested in – from extinction to electric guitars. 
Biology Animations and Virtual Dissections – this animation site also allows you to build an atom of the different elements.
Chemistry Animations 
Earth Science Animations - plate tectonics, cycles in nature, geology and astronomy.
Science Gamequarium – this is a link library – it links you to different science games all over the internet. The site is organised into different sections so you can choose a game related to what you are learning about in school.The sections include energy, matter, cells, forces and motion, plants and the human body plus many more.
Ed Heads – learn about simple and compound machines, undertake online brain or knee surgery and learn how to predict the weather.
Science and Math Games – they come complete with a printable worksheet to guide you through.
ABC Science - search for good resources for your science assignments. Go to the kids section to play science games.
Nova Science in the News - Australian Academy of Science - find information about science in the news. Articles are separated into different sections – biology, environment, health, mathematics, physical science and technology.    


List of VCE Studies - All VCE subjects are listed alphabetically on this site.  

You can access the Study Design for each subject you are taking.  The Study Design has a list of the essential knowledge you should have for each section of your course.  These dot points are a good place to start when you are making study notes.  Look at each point and make sure you understand what it is talking about.  Make summary notes to expand upon and explain the dot points.  


Useful Resources – Usually shown as links at the bottom of a webpage, Useful Resources lead you to a list of suggested resources for each subject.
If you have research to do for an assignment or you are struggling with a topic and want to look it up in a different resource these links are a good place to start.
The resources are grouped into different sections, books, online resources, journal articles etc.    

VCE Exams
In order to do your best in your VCE studies you need to prepare for your exams successfully.
One thing you can do is practice for the exam by doing past exam papers.
You can access past exam papers for your VCE studies via the above link.
You can also read the examiners' comments (in the Exam Assessment Report) on the papers which will give you a really good idea about how to answer questions. ?
Learn how to organise your answers so you are giving the examiners the key words and knowledge that they are looking for.  



Community Forums / VCE Tips and Advice


Melbourne University Summer School - Summer school is a great way for students going into Year 11 and Year 12 to get ready for their VCE.
Access Education VCE Exam Preparation Seminars  -  Pre-exam preparation seminars and tips on studying and exam preparation.  

Work Experience / Career Planning

Youth Central - The Victorian government website for young people – a brilliant resource – includes sections on careers, how to prepare a resume, studying, work experience, managing money, where to go to for help and so much more.
My Future - Plan your future! Career information, and links to thousands of resources to assist you on your career journey.
The Job Guide - A great website for information about jobs, career planning and learning pathways. This site has a resume builder in which you can enter your information and generate a resume.
Applying for TAFE and UNI - This is the central organisation that coordinates applications for further study. You can research uni and TAFE courses and prerequisites (the subjects you need to have for different courses) here. You can also apply for scholarships to most universities through VTAC as well.
TAFE - thinking about going to TAFE? Search for courses and get more information here.

Popular Job search sites: 


These can be a great place to research job opportunities for the careers you are interested in.
Think about what kind of qualifications, skills and experience employers are looking for.

YOUTH.GOV.AU - The Australian Government website for young people.
WORK SAFE VICTORIA - Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) course. You need to complete at least two modules of this course before you are allowed to do work experience – the general module and an additional module related to the industry in which you will be conducting your work experience.
VIC ROADS – Practice for your learner's permit license test here.  





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