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Council working to preserve Yarra’s heritage

18 February 2015

Council is seeking greater protection for historically significant buildings in Richmond, Cremorne, Fitzroy and Collingwood as part of Amendment C173 to the Yarra Planning in order to preserve Yarra’s heritage neighbourhoods.

At its 17 February meeting, Council resolved to seek final approval from the Minister for Planning for the part of the amendment relating to the southern end of Smith Street.

Council will also request that the Planning Minister appoints an independent planning panel to consider the submissions received and Council’s proposal to apply the Heritage Overlay to the remaining places in North Richmond and Cremorne.

If Council’s proposal is supported by the State Government, a Heritage Overlay would be applied to over 50 individual places and numerous precincts, meaning property owners would require a planning permit before carrying out most external works, including demolition.

In recent years, Council has employed heritage consultants to identify properties and precincts across Yarra that did not have heritage protection under the planning scheme.

A number of planning scheme amendments designed to place more effective planning controls on those heritage buildings were submitted to former Planning Minister Matthew Guy but no decision was given before the change of government at the December 2014 state election.

You can read more about Council’s heritage gaps studies and the proposed planning scheme amendments submitted to the State Government here:

For more information, please contact Erika Russell, Strategic Planner, on 9205 5322 or at

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