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Yarra ranks highly on local government score card

15 November 2016

Yarra Council excelled in a number of areas according to a State Government report that rates the performance of Victorian councils in the 2015/16 financial year.

The Local Government Performance Reporting Framework (LGPRF) aims to improve the transparency and accountability of councils. The framework assesses councils’ performance across a range of services and functions.

The report compares Yarra’s performance to similar councils (other councils in the Melbourne metropolitan area) as well as the other 78 councils in Victoria.


Consultation and engagement: Yarra received a community satisfaction score of 69 (out of 100) for talking to the community about local issues, compared to 59 for similar councils and 55 for all Victorian councils.  

Community satisfaction with Council decisions: Yarra scored 68 (out of 100) well above the 59 for similar councils and 55 for all Victoria.

Roads: Yarra scored 73 (out of 100) for community satisfaction with our sealed roads, compared to 68 for similar councils and 55 for all Victorian councils.

98.39% of our roads were maintained adequately compared to 95% for similar councils.

Animal management: It takes 2.06 days for Yarra’s animal management team to action a request, compared to three days for similar councils.

Food safety: Complaints about the safety of food businesses in Yarra are followed up in 1.42 days by Council. All other councils – including those similar to Yarra – take 2.16 days.

Libraries: 99.14% of Yarra’s library resources are less than five years old, compared to 73.14% for similar councils and 63.28% for all Victorian councils.

In areas where Yarra Council's scores were lower it is important to understand the context.

For example while it takes Yarra 117 days to decide on a planning application, compared to 87.33 days for similar councils, some key factors include:

  • Yarra is one of the busiest councils for planning applications with more than 1700 applications lodged in 2015/16
  • Many planning applications are complex and for medium and large scale proposals unlike the majority of Councils in Victoria.
  • Planning applications can take longer in Yarra because we require compulsory community consultation meetings and one month advertising for major projects. This can add at least 14-42 days to processing times. 

All councils are required to provide data for the LGPRF. Council is committed to providing accurate data as part of this process to inform our community about our performance and to help identify areas where we could do better.

To view the full results for Yarra and to find out more about the LGPRF, visit 

View the Municipal Association of Victoria media release from 15 November 2016:

pdf format MAV media release - Know Your Council demonstrates council transparency (162.90 KB)

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