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Nominations open for Yarra Energy Foundation board

12 May 2017

The Yarra Energy Foundation is currently recruiting new Directors to help govern its future goals and activities.

Established in 2010, the Yarra Energy Foundation (YEF) is an independent, for-purpose organisation with an ambition to achieve a zero carbon future in the City of Yarra. The foundation aims to engage and inspire people who live and do business in the City of Yarra to take practical steps towards this goal.

If you’d like to help drive and monitor the exciting work of YEF, you are invited to nominate for a position on the board.

YEF is seeking applicants with expertise in the following areas:
    •    Legal/Regulatory
    •    Fundraising/Grants
    •    Communications/Social Media
    •    Innovation/Entrepreneurial

Desired skill sets for applicants include: 
    •    Corporate governance, Government/ advocacy/ policy
    •    Philanthropic Fundraising, Financing/ Social Enterprise Development
    •    Communications/ Social Media/ Community capacity building
    •    Innovation/ Entrepreneurial
    •    Legal/ Accounting / Business management
    •    Environmental sustainability/ climate change
    •    Local industry development

A knowledge of the electricity industry, carbon reduction programs and the emerging social impact space is highly desirable. An understanding of the City of Yarra community is an advantage.

Further information about YEF and its governance structure can be found here

Apply now with the Nomination Form or contact YEF on

Nominations close 4pm, 5 June 2017

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