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Watch out for European wasps

5 March 2015

Council is reminding everyone to keep an eye out for European wasps, which continue to thrive due to Australia’s warmer climate. Care should be taken when eating, playing or cooking outside.

Each European wasp is capable of stinging painfully and repeatedly, and some nests contain more than 100,000 insects.

The nests are easy to spot during the day with many wasps entering and leaving through the entrance, which is often a hole in the ground at the base of a tree or wall, or a gap in brickwork or weatherboard walls.

Call Access Yarra on 9205 5555 if you locate a nest on public land or if you need advice on how to eradicate a nest on your property.

Council eradicates all nests found on public land (about one or two per week during the warmer months).

More information on European wasps is available on the state government’s Better Health website, including advice on what to do if you are stung.

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Photograph of a European Wasp
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