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Walls in Yarra seeking local artists

16 October 2014

Council is looking for local artists to exhibit their works on walls across Yarra in 2015.

As part of its annual exhibition program, Council is taking applications from artists to display their works at Richmond Town Hall and the Richmond and Fitzroy libraries next year.

Some development and presentation costs will be covered for artists and groups selected to exhibit.

Meanwhile, Council is also looking for individuals or organisations to curate its public billboard installations at the corner of Smith and Otter streets in Collingwood next year.

The Yarra Public Art Billboard Program has been a rotating platform for contemporary art since 2010 when a partnership was formed with the Centre of Contemporary Photography (CCP) to curate and produce work specifically for the site.

Council is now opening up the opportunity to other experienced curators to submit proposals for the site's programming.

To find out how you can apply for Council's 2015 Exhibition Program, click here.

To apply for the Public Art Billboard Program, click here.

Further information
Kirsty Baird
Arts and Cultural Development Officer
9205 5038


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