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Council Endorses New Yarra Street Tree Policy

4 December 2014

Yarra will be a greener and more liveable city thanks to a new Street Tree Policy that will see the number and diversity of street trees species increased, improve the quality of trees and improve the overall street tree canopy.

Public street trees are one of Yarra’s greatest assets and are a fundamental component of the urban landscape that help reduce the urban heat island effect and, through the provision of natural shade, make Yarra a greener, more liveable city.

Street trees are also an integral component of the neighbourhood amenity and provide valuable habitat for wildlife.

The Street Tree Policy will help guide Council in selecting appropriate tree species, suitable planting locations and maintenance practices by outlining the criteria for removing and replacing trees.   These guiding principles will also enable Council to identify and assess trees that may cause property damage to private or public assets.

The new Street Tree Policy is the first step in Council’s overall approach to proactively managing Yarra’s natural assets. The next stage is the development of a Draft Urban Forest Strategy expected to be released for community consultation in mid 2015, including a review of the Street Tree Policy’s implementation.

Informing the Draft Urban Forest Strategy is the collection of information to create a tree asset register, including;   

  • Location
  • Type of species
  • Health
  • Structural aspects
  • Life expectancy

This tree asset register will be a major boost to Council being able to actively monitor and sustainably manage Yarra’s trees.

Further information
Justin Hanrahan
Manager Open Space & Recreation
9205 5720

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Street trees in Rathdowne Street, North Carlton
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