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8 April 2015

Council is teaming with local businesses to make some of Yarra’s famous shopping and dining strips even more attractive to visitors. A six month trial of free public Wi-Fi has just kicked off in the following locations:

  • Bridge Road, Richmond – between the Town Hall and Eucalyptus Street (now live)
  • St Georges Road and Best Street, North Fitzroy – Scotchmer street area (now live)
  • Gertrude Street, Fitzroy – between Smith and George streets (coming soon)

Users simply have to select the ‘Free Yarra Wi-Fi’ network on any compatible phone, laptop or tablet to take advantage of the free internet service.

Look out for the ‘Free Yarra Wi-Fi’ stickers, postcards and signage in the three trial areas.

Wi-Fi allows people to access the Internet wirelessly from compatible phones, laptops and tablets.

The idea is to make it easier for patrons to check emails, surf the web and stay up to date with social media contacts.

The pilot aims to foster economic activity by bringing more people into the precinct and encouraging them to stay longer.

Once the pilot has concluded an evaluation will be conducted and may be used to develop a business case for extending the coverage to other areas.

Further information
Sarah Bishop
Project Manager – Innovation Unit
9205 5572

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