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Proposed Richmond High School update

1 July 2016

Yarra Council has written to the State Minister for Education outlining its general support for the proposed new Richmond High School and requesting that appropriate efforts are undertaken during planning, construction and operation to avoid and minimise impact on the local area.

The school will provide years 7 to 12 education for up to 650 students when fully operational with enrolments expected to commence in 2018 for Year 7 students.

Mayor Cr Roberto Colanzi said Council had long advocated for improved education opportunities in Richmond, but we would support a precinct approach to planning the school.

This would include minimising traffic and parking loss as well as minimising impacts on Bridge Road traders, Citizens’ Park, the Gleadell Street Market, Richmond Leisure Centre patrons, Richmond Union Bowling Club, community organisations in the precinct and the local community.

“This is a really positive project for Richmond and Council supports it,” Mayor Colanzi said. “At the same time we want to see the school design integrated with the local precinct .

Mayor Colanzi said Council also wanted the State Government’s Community Liaison Group for the school project to be expanded to include parents of prospective students and representatives of local residents, Citizens Park Users Groups, youth and the Gleadell Street Market.

Council understands construction of the new school is expected to commence early next year. It may be built across two sites in the precinct, but that is yet to be finally determined or confirmed by the Department of Education.

Further information is available in the Council Meeting Agenda of 28 June (see item 11.2) and on the website of the Department of Education and Training


Moved: Councillor Vlahogiannis                    Seconded: Councillor Jolly

1.           That Council:

(a)         notes the updated report regarding the secondary school within the Richmond Town Hall precinct as proposed by the State Government;

(b)         expresses concerns to the Minister for Education and the Department of Education:

(i)           regarding the loss of parking in the precinct as a result of the school proposal and the wider impacts on the precinct as a result of that loss; and

(ii)         that there is no provision for onsite parking or for bus parking for the school facility; and

(c)         requests that the Department of Education, during planning, construction and operation of the school, make every effort to avoid (and, if avoidance is not possible, to minimise) any negative impact:

(i)           of the school on parking and traffic in Gleadell Street, Griffiths Street and nearby streets;

(ii)         on the Gleadell Street Market and the Richmond Leisure Centre;

(iii)        on Citizens’ Park and other users of the Park;

(iv)        on the Leo Berry Gym and the Richmond Union Bowling Club; and

(v)         on the Lynall Hall School;

(d)         reiterates senior officers’ comments on the importance that DET:

(i)           undertakes a transport/ traffic consultation to provide advice to the project team;

(ii)         takes an holistic approach to the integration of the school into the Richmond Town Hall precinct; and

(iii)        provide a response on where staff and visitors to the school would be expected to park to access the school; and

(e)         request the Minister for Education to convene a community Liaison Group  to include at least:

(i)           parents of prospective students;

(ii)         representatives of local residents;

(iii)        representatives of Citizens Park User Groups;

(iv)        a Youth representative; and

(v)         Representatives of Gleadell Street Market.


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