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Reminder on responsible pet ownership

19 August 2016

Pets are a great source of joy and companionship for many Yarra residents. Being a responsible pet owner means ensuring the animals we care about are properly looked after and controlled when venturing in to public areas. Similarly, owners should secure their dogs to their property to ensure they don’t escape.

A number of dog attacks have been reported to Yarra Council this year resulting in successful prosecutions against their owners.

Council has rules in place that aim to balance the needs and safety of people and dogs when out and about in Yarra’s streets, parks and open spaces.

When in public, all dogs must be kept on a leash, except for in parks that have signed dog off–leash areas. Where dogs are allowed off–leash, it is important that they are kept under effective voice control and are not allowed to roam within 10 metres of playgrounds, BBQ facilities and picnic areas or within five metres of shared pathways.

Owners must have effective control of their dog at all times. Effective control means, it will return to its owner upon command, the owner retains a clear and unobstructed view of the dog and that it does not bother, attack, worry or interfere with other people or animals.
If you have been attacked by a dog or witnessed an attack by a dog on someone you should report this as soon as possible to Council. It is important that you remember as many details as you can about the attack, any persons and dog descriptions, this is so Council can investigate.

A full list of dog off-leash areas in Yarra is available on Council’s website at

For more information about responsible pet ownership you can contact Council’s Animal Management Team on 9205 5555. 

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