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Council moves on Plan Melbourne Refresh

8 December 2015

Council has prepared a submission to the State Government on its Plan Melbourne Refresh Discussion Paper.

Currently under review by a wide number of stakeholders including Council, the State Government's Plan Melbourne provides a long-term vision which will shape the future of Victorian municipalities.

Issues identified by Council as significant to Yarra, and already addressed in the discussion Paper, include: delivery of jobs and investment; transport and connectedness with greater Melbourne, particularly with the removal of the East West Link project; affordable housing; sustainability; and providing Council with better tools and support around planning developments.

Council will submit the following comments for consideration:
- Concern regarding the absence of a Victorian Transport Plan
- Support for the Standard Development Contributions Advisory Committee recommendation that a development levy be applied to all additional dwellings across the metropolitan region at a rate of $3000 per net additional dwelling.

The State Government still welcomes submissions from individuals and community groups who wish to comment on the Refresh. Submissions are due by 18 December and can be made by clicking here.

The final Plan Melbourne is expected to be released in the first half of 2016.



Further information
Elizabeth Brant
Strategic Planner
9205 5555

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