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Promoting an inclusive and respectful multicultural community

4 February 2015

Council has endorsed its commitment to promoting an inclusive and respectful multicultural community, adopting the Multicultural Partnerships Plan 2014–2018 at its meeting on 3 January.

 The plan highlights a human rights approach encouraging everyone to participate fully in the social, cultural, economic and political opportunities in the municipality, irrespective of their race, gender, culture, language or religion.

It builds on Yarra’s strong sense of community belonging where people from multicultural backgrounds are valued, included, respected and engaged citizens who are free to express their cultural, linguistic and religious traditions without fear of discrimination.

Extensive community consultation was conducted during the development of the plan which was guided by a reference group comprising community members, Councillors and Council officers.

The plan outlines four priority areas, strategies, and actions for the next four years designed to continue to build on the work undertaken to strengthen partnerships and improve services to Yarra’s culturally, linguistically and religiously diverse residents, community groups, multicultural organisations and ethno-specific agencies.

The four priority areas are:

  • Relationships
  • Access and Inclusion
  • Opportunities
  • Anti-racism

Effective communication with all residents is a priority in the plan as during the community consultations a clear message was that how Council communicates information can be a major obstacle to Yarra being a truly inclusive community. Council will ensure it uses varied methods of communication in key community languages, and that the communication needs or all are considered when developing and implementing information, programs and services.

For further information

Aldo Malavisi
Coordinator Community Development
03 9205 5036

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