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Have Your Say – Local Government Act Review

27 July 2016

The State Government is conducting a review of the Local Government Act 1989 and the community is invited to have a say.

The review will examine the role and functions of Councillors and CEOs. It will also consider modernising council business operations, further embedding engagement practices and strengthening how complaints are handled.

The Government is seeking feedback on all aspects of the Act.

The government’s three aims are to:

• Recognise that local communities want consistent and modern democratic council structures and voting rules and also encourage greater participation in councils across Victoria.

• Free up councils to be as innovative, collaborative and as efficient as possible in contributing to Victoria’s economy

• Provide greater autonomy for councils so they can serve their communities as they see fit, provided they are transparent and accountable to those communities.

Yarra Council will be making a submission in support of its view that local government is an essential tier of government in Australia and should have the necessary autonomy to respond to community needs. Council encourages members of the community to join the conversation.

To get involved and have your say go to

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