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Gleadell Street carpark to close permanently

6 September 2016

The Gleadell Street public carpark will close on Sunday, 30 October 2016, following advice from the Department of Education and Training they would take possession of the carpark for construction works to begin on the Richmond High School.

Council currently leases this carpark, which is owned by the department. 

The loss of more than 132 car spaces due to the carpark closure will have a flow-on effect on Gleadell Street, which already has a high level of vehicle traffic and parking, and possibly Highett Street.

Council is investigating to see if there are viable options to address the problem of reduced car parking spaces in Gleadell Street, and we will keep you informed.

As a reminder for people wanting to do business or attend sport or leisure facilities in Gleadell, there are three tram lines close to Gleadell Street.  In Bridge Road, two tram lines stop at Gleadell Street - No. 48 (North Balwyn to Docklands) and the No. 75 (Vermont South to Docklands).  In Church Street, the No.78 tram (North Richmond to Balaclava) stops at Highett Street.

People can also ride their bicycles and use the bicycle racks at the corner of Gleadell Street and Bridge Road, the corner of Gleadell Street and Highett Street and also outside and inside the Richmond Leisure Centre.

Two-hour parking is available in Griffiths Street close to Richmond Town Hall. There is some unrestricted free parking all day in industrial areas east of Burnley Street – this is a 10-minute walk or two trams stops away from Gleadell Street.

Yarra Council welcomes the Victorian Government’s decision to build a new secondary school in Richmond.  It will be built across two sites, with a sports precinct to be built in Gleadell Street and the main school to be built on the corner of Highett Street and Griffiths Street.

If you would like more information on the new school project you can contact the Victorian Schools Building Authority via email: or telephone: 1800 896 950 (Weekdays from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm) or the webpage at

If you have any questions regarding traffic management or amenity issues, please contact Yarra Council on 9205 5555.

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