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Darling Gardens playground upgrade proceeds to design stage

24 August 2016

Council will prepare a draft design to upgrade the playground in Darling Gardens and invite the community to provide feedback.

Following two rounds of consultation, Council this week formally resolved to retain the playground at its existing location and to proceed to the design phase on potential improvements.

The resolution authorised Council officers to seek community input before finalising the design and commencing construction of the upgraded playground. The project has been budgeted at $250,000 and is expected to be completed in early 2017.

Public consultation on the project has thus far included a detailed community survey and the establishment of a Design Reference Group comprised of local park users.

Community members have provided valuable feedback, not only on the preferred location, but also on their priorities for play equipment, park furniture and other features. This information will help inform the draft design.



Further information
Carrie Lindsay
Acting Coordinator Open Space Planning and Design
9205 5725

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