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Council resolution on Chandler Highway

21 October 2015

At its 20 October meeting, Council unanimously passed a motion on Chandler Highway, noting, among other things, the ‘unacceptable impact’ on Alphington residents on the west side and the lack of an improved integrated public transport plan. The motion is as follows:

1.       That Council:

(a)     notes that:

(i)      VicRoads is currently informing the community on the location of the proposed Chandler Hwy widening and bridge duplication;

(ii)     VicRoads has stated a “preferred option” of a 6 lane road and new 6 lane bridge to the west of the existing, retained 2 lane bridge;

(iii)     this design and location would have an unacceptable impact on existing Alphington residents immediately to the west who will bear the brunt of the “preferred location”;

(iv)    there is no clear, publicly documented rationale for either the design or location of the new bridge that takes into account social impacts, environmental impacts, the economic basis for the size of the project, and  the lack of public transport integration into the project;

(v)     there is no plan for improved integrated public transport to provide people wanting to cross the Yarra River at this location with real options;

(vi)    this project is being managed separately from the proposed development at the former Amcor site, despite both being inextricably linked; and

(vii)   the project makes no allowance for the future development of the Doncaster Rail project;

          (b)     does not support a proposal for a 6 lane Chandler Highway widening or a six lane bridge which will encourage traffic resulting in increased levels of congestion, cause environmental damage and air pollution, amongst other detrimental impacts;

          (c)     supports a road and bridge design that (i) primarily provides practical options for integrated public transport and better mobility for local residents requiring transport across the Yarra River and (ii) builds-in future proofing design options for the construction of the Doncaster Rail;

          (d)     calls on VicRoads and the state government to:

(i)      apply their statutory obligations under the Transport Integration Act 2010, to have regard to the transport system objectives and decision making principles in performing their functions and making its decisions;

(ii)     respond to the concerns of residents on the west side of the proposal who would bear the brunt of the current “preferred option”; and

(iii)     produce a new design in consultation with residents which protects amenity of existing residents to the west, protects the Yarra Corridor habitat and environs, moves people rather than just vehicles across the Yarra River and provides genuine options for local commuters, in particular, the construction of the Doncaster Rail; and

          (e)     calls on the Ministers for Roads, Public Transport and Planning, and the Member for Northcote, to immediately meet with Langridge ward councillors and residents who are directly affected by the project, and to respond to issues raised through the development of a better project design, integrated with the future development of the Amcor site.

For further information, please contact Bruce Phillips, Director Planning and Place Making, on 9205 5301 or 

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