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Council receives $1.9M to improve road safety

12 September 2016

Council has received $1.9M to improve road safety under the VicRoads Federal Infrastructure Investment Black Spot Programme.

Ten ‘black spots’ in Yarra will undergo improvements, selected on the basis that two or more crashes involving pedestrians, cyclists or vehicles have occurred at these locations in the last five years.

The aim of Council’s road works will be to reduce the speed of traffic to provide a safer environment for all road users, particularly those walking or travelling by bike.

Works will commence in late September at the intersection of Wellington and Mater streets in Collingwood. They will include modifications to the kerb and existing threshold treatment (the marked area on the road that highlights the approaching intersection).

The majority of the $1.9M funding ($950,000) has been allocated to improvements to Brunswick Street from Alexandra Parade to Victoria Parade, Fitzroy. As part of these works, Council will:

  • install raised threshold treatments on all streets that intersect with Brunswick Street
  • install kerb extensions on some streets that intersect with Brunswick Street
  • construct a splitter island (a raised section in the middle of the road) at the eastern approach of Moor Street and Brunswick Street
  • introduce road markings to advise of car door-related crashes
  • install new line marking, with special markings at the street that intersect with Brunswick Street
  • complete drainage work to support the above treatments.  

Work on Brunswick Street is expected to commence in March 2017.

The ten locations that will upgraded as part of the $1.9M funding are:

  • Garton Street/Pigdon Street, Princes Hill
  •  Wellington Street/Otter Street, Collingwood
  • Gardner Street/Highett Street, Richmond
  • Henry Street/Gipps Street, Abbotsford
  • Nicholson Street/Abbotsford Street, Abbotsford
  • Falconer Street/Michael Street, North Fitzroy
  • Wellington Street/Mater Street, Collingwood
  • Wellington Street/Easey Street, Collingwood
  • Amess Street/Richardson Street, North Carlton
  • Brunswick Street, from Alexandra Parade to Victoria Parade, Fitzroy.

All ten locations are expected to be upgraded by mid-2017.

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