What you can do

Council has four dedicated professional contractors specialising in different aspects of tree care such as pruning, removals, planting and establishment, pest control and root control.Mother and children plant a tree

Newly planted trees are maintained for two years, which includes watering on a weekly basis during the growing season.

These are recognised by their timber stakes.

Damaged of unhealthy trees

If you are concerned about the health of any tree in Yarra, or notice any vandalism or trees missing, you can report the problem to Council who will make an investigation.

Report a tree problem

What you can do

During prolonged dry conditions trees can struggle to survive due to lack of water.
You can help care for Yarra's established street trees with additional watering during  these times.

What trees require water?

Trees that are over three years of age benefit from additional water from residents and the local community during dry conditions. 
These trees are not watered by Council contractors and are recognisable because they do not have any timber stakes around them.

Water logging

Due to heavy clay soils in Yarra, some trees can suffer water logging even in dry conditions.
The symptoms for water logging are similar to drought, such as the browning of leaves which often stay on the tree.
Check the soil moisture before watering and also check with your neighbour to ensure you're not watering the same tree.  

Can I use grey water?

It should be relatively safe to water a tree over dry months using grey water from domestic use such as the bathroom, kitchen or laundry, without any long term implications on the health of the tree or soil as long as only biodegradable detergents are used.

What trees do not require watering?

Do not water any trees with timber stakes around them.
These trees are watered by Council contractors on a weekly basis during the growing season. 

These trees have not developed mature root systems and are susceptible to drowning.  Additional watering of young trees still under maintenance makes it very hard for Council officers to calculate the water requirements of these trees to keep them healthy.

Volunteer to plant trees

You can join friends and neighbours planting trees in the municipality. A number of organisations arrange planting days for volunteers. Check further details on Community Planting Days.

Further information
Yarra City Council
9205 5555

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