Electrical Line Clearance Zones

Tree-lined street in Yarra Yarra Council is seeking exemptions from certain aspects of revised electrical line clearance regulations introduced by Energy Safe Victoria in June 2010.

The revised regulations require trees to be kept at a one metre clearance from power lines. The previous regulations required a 300mm clearance.

At its 19 October 2010 meeting, Council resolved to seek the exemptions on the grounds that:

  • The 2010 regulations would result in significant loss of Yarra's established street tree canopies and significant loss of a number of trees
  • The resulting loss of shade will have impacts on human health, the urban heat island effect, the ability to enjoy being outdoors due to loss of shade
  • The loss of trees and tree canopies will have an impact on wildlife habitat and bird transit corridors
  • Many of Yarra's street tree avenues are heritage-listed and will be significantly impacted on
  • There is no recorded instance of fires being caused by street trees in the City of Yarra, and
  • The increased cost to Council of tree pruning will be prohibitive.  

In early 2011, Council entered into discussions with Energy Safe Victoria about a proposal to create a tree management plan for Yarra's trees that would feature more frequent tree pruning and re-growth inspections.

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