Richmond Terrace and Docker Street

Richmond Terrace Park - July 2014Council constructed a new park at Richmond Terrace and Docker Street, Richmond in July 2014.

The 600m2 space includes lawn terraces, seating, garden beds, trees, feature lighting, bicycle racks and a drinking fountain.
The park features a paved ‘shared zone’ with the stained glass windows of nearby historic buildings providing inspiration for the paving pattern.

Light boxes
Light boxes in the park have been removed to remedy some rusting on them. The boxes will be treated to prevent future rusting and are expected to be re-installed in early November.

Road closure
A section of road at the intersection of Docker Street and Richmond Terrace was permanently closed to create the park.
The road closure only affects vehicle traffic, with cyclists and pedestrians continuing to have through access.
Owners of adjacent properties continue to be able to drive to and from their properties.



Council endorsed the final concept plan for the new Richmond Park in March 2012 following community consultation.
However, the design required a permanent road closure at the top of Richmond Terrace.
The road closure was subject to a separate consultation process as required under the Local Government Act 1989.

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