Church Street Park

Church Street Park635 Church St. Richmond (between Howard Street and the Monash Freeway)

Melways 2L, K2

Church Street Park, Richmond’s newest green space, was officially opened in February 2015. It is built on a former freeway ramp and covers an area of 3000 square metres.

Features and facilities

  • A bluestone plaza incorporating seating, tree planting and feature light boxes
  • Picnic and play areas with car sculptures and a table tennis table
  • Expansive, open lawn framed by tree planting
  • A timber deck/platform with views across to the Yarra River
  • Water-sensitive urban design treatments to capture, store and reuse water on the site


The creation of this park was a recommendation in Yarra’s Open Space Strategy to address the shortage of open space available and to provide Richmond residents with somewhere to relax and spend time with their friends and family.

In December 2012, Council consulted residents and local businesses to determine the level of support for the park and what kind of facilities they thought should be included. The community was overwhelming in their support and their input was used to design a draft concept plan for the space which was put out for further community comment in April 2013.

Construction was undertaken in the second half of 2014. The work was funded through contributions made by developers towards open space in Richmond. Additional funding was provided by the Victorian Government through Melbourne Water as part of the Living Rivers Stormwater Program.


Church Street Park is wheelchair accessible.



Further information
9205 5555

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