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Council will consider applications to film, including still photography, within its gardens and reserves subject to Council's discretion and prior approval.

Council will also consider applications from those wishing to use roadways, footpaths and laneways to facilitate their film shoot.The City of Yarra is a film-friendly location while balancing the local amenity of residents and businesses.

The information on this page relates to commercial filming, including television, feature films, advertising and television commercials, documentaries and music videos.

All commercial filming activities are required to apply for a permit for the use of a public space. This ensures the activity is in accordance with Council's regulations. A list of our general terms and conditions is attached below.

Apply for filming permit

We will respond to your application within five business days of receiving it. Please note that if we need to make complex arrangements for your filming activity it may take us more than five days to respond.

To apply for a permit, please complete the application form and send it to the contact listed below.

Here is some helpful information about traffic management:

Note that a Public Liability Insurance cover of $10 million is mandatory, as is a professionally prepared traffic management plan.

Filming permit fees

Fees apply for filming within the locality.

The following fee schedule was adopted by Council in the 2016 - 17 Budget.

Filming in municipality/commercial still photography (per film site):




Commercial Profit Making-Film/Ad Producers - Major impact: Permit



Filming (incl ads/still photography) inspection (Mon-Fri)



Filming (incl ads/still photography) inspection (weekends)



Small budget productions (incl films & ads) - Minor impact: Permit



Student Filming (including still photography)

GST Free

No Charge

Non Profit Making Filming (including still photography)

GST Free

No Charge

Parking fees may apply and will need to be discussed with Council's Parking Services on 9205 5299.

If you would like to inquire about the filming in a Council park or garden, please contact Council's Venues and Events Liaison Officer on 9205 5205. Park booking fees may apply.

Low impact filming: do you need a permit?

Most people conducting commercial filming must apply for a permit to use public space. In the City of Yarra filming activities which are minor and ‘low impact’ (see below), still requires a filming permit. To approve a low impact filming activity, we’ll require you to complete the application form.

Low impact filming activities are defined by these criteria:

  • a filming activity of six people or less (includes all production crew and talent)
  • no more than one camera, one tripod, and handheld sound recording equipment
  • public safety is maintained at all times and all public pathways, footpaths and roads must not be blocked

Filming Approval Act 2014

In August 2014 the Victorian Government passed new legislation to standardise the process for obtaining commercial filming permits on public land managed by local councils and state government agencies in Victoria.

The Filming Approval Act 2014, effective 1 March 2015, provides a framework for the approval of filming permits. It outlines eight film friendly principles and the guidelines for commercial filming on public land across the state.

Victoria’s Film Friendly Guidelines are available to view here.

Other resources and related forms

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