Advertising Signs in Parks and Gardens

Gleadell Street market signTemporary advertising signs can be erected in Council parks and reserves.

Conditions for erecting signs are as follows:

Display Duration:
The display period for a temporary sign will be a maximum of 14 days.

The following groups are eligible to apply for approval to erect a temporary community advertising sign:

  • Local non-profit community groups which meet Council's strategic directions as specified in the Council Plan
  • City of Yarra schools and pre-schools
  • City of Yarra service clubs.

Sign Specifications:

  • Fixed, rigid signs (Real Estate type) are permitted to have a display surface area of five square metres or less
  • Banners are to have a display surface area of five square metres or less
  • Banners are not permitted to be attached to any vegetation

Content of Signs:
The content of the sign must be submitted to Council for approval with the application.

Sponsorship identification on community signs is not to exceed 20% of the sign display area. Signs which display sponsorship or advertising relating to tobacco or gambling associated activities, events or organisations, will not be approved.

Public Liability Insurance:
The applicant shall have liability insurance of $10 million and will provide Council with an insurance certificate of currency upon application.

pdf format Sign Application (238.72 KB)

Further information
Venues & Events Unit
9205 5577

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