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Edinburgh GardensYarra City Council's parks and gardens include some of Melbourne's best known open space areas. Within the municipality, you'll find Edinburgh Gardens, Darling Gardens, Barkly Gardens, Burnley Park, Linear Park, Mayors Park and many more open space reserves.

Yarra's waterways, inner city location, social diversity and heritage character all contribute to a unique landscape. Council’s open space system seeks to provide for the recreational and environmental needs of the local community and enhance cultural, social and ecological values.

Sharing the space

Our local parks and reserves are vital community hubs for organised sports, casual recreation and dog walkers and are enjoyed by large numbers of residents and visitors. With a growing number of park users, each with different and sometimes competing needs, we must work together to keep it that way.

When using our parks and reserves:

  • Look for signs and get familiar with the regulations:
    • Each park has different regulations, it’s your responsibility to know what they are
    • Regulations are enforced, so don’t ruin a great day out with a fine or bad experience
  • Be respectful of the needs of other users:
    • Choose an appropriate area for your activity
    •  Cooperate with other park users
  • Do your bit to help keep these vital community resources in good condition for everyone to enjoy
    • Keep the parks free of waste or rubbish
    • Leave the park the way you found it. Even minor damage can impact on the experience of others

Regulations have been carefully designed to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy these spaces and keep our parks healthy.

  • Sports clubs have strict and limited seasonal allocations to use playing fields and ovals
  • Park users must observe various noise, alcohol and smoking restrictions        
  • Dog walkers have designated areas and/or times to exercise dogs (on-leash, off-leash and prohibitions)
  • Permits are required for personal training and various other types of occasional gatherings and activities.

Yarra is leading the way when it comes to sharing our roads, let’s lead the way in sharing our valuable open spaces too.

For information on specific parks in Yarra, click on the links below.




Clifton Hill




North Carlton

North Fitzroy

Princes Hill



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