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Electrician works on a street light in YarraGetting your electricity from GreenPower is a simple action every household can take to make an immediate reduction to their greenhouse gas emissions.

GreenPower is electricity from clean renewable sources such as wind, solar or waste. When you elect to purchase GreenPower, your electricity retailer will purchase the amount of electricity your household uses from a renewable source, (rather than the standard polluting brown coal) and feed it into the grid on your behalf.

The City of Yarra currently purchases GreenPower for 80% of its buildings and streetlights, reducing greenhouse emissions from these sources by around 6,000 tonnes per annum.  As part of the Yarra Environment Strategy, Council will increase use progressively to 100% accredited renewable energy by 2012.

How to switch to GreenPower

1. Contact your electricity supplier and ask them what GreenPower options they have. You can usually make the switch over the phone.
2. To shop around for a GreenPower provider, visit the websites below for further information and contact details.
3. When choosing a GreenPower provider, look for the GreenPower symbol to ensure it is government accredited and choose the highest percentage of GreenPower that you are able to afford.

For further information visit:

GreenPower Website

Green Electricity Watch

Further information
Michael Oke
Coordinator - Environmental Management
9205 5723

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