Sustainable Heritage Buildings

A heritage house in YarraThe Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure has a section dedicated to sustainability, which includes practical information as well as a case study on the adaption of an existing heritage house to improve its environmental sustainability.

Heritage Victoria has also produced guidelines which provide information on:

  • Optimising existing traditional building performance
  • Reducing energy consumption in existing buildings
  • Maximising energy and water efficiencies in new work to existing buildings
  • Monitoring energy and water consumption
  • Energy efficiency regulations

 pdf format Heritage Buildings Sustainability Guidelines (253.65kB)
 pdf format Heritage Buildings Energy Efficiency Regulations (270.97kB)

In areas subject to the Heritage Overlay, a planning permit is required to install a rainwater tank, solar hot water system or photovoltaic cell system if it is visible from the street or a public park.  In many instances, it will be possible to install these items whilst achieving concealment from the public domain. 

For information on whether a planning permit is required or about methods to achieve concealment, please contact Council’s Statutory Planning Unit on 9205 5373. 

Further information
Statutory Planning 
9205 5373

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