Environment resources at Yarra Libraries

Yarra Libraries have a large range of environmental resources available for loan including a comprehensive sustainable living book collection where you can find out how to retrofit your home, grow your own vegetables, catch rainwater and much more.

Download the Sustainable Living booklist here or ask for it at the library.

 pdf format Sustainable Living Booklist (166.86kB)


A Power-Mate is a useful energy auditing tool that can show how much energy your appliances are using whilst in operation and also while left on standby.
Leaving your appliances such as TVs, computers and stereos on stand-by can cost households up to $180 a year.
A Power-Mate is available for a one week loan from all five branches of Yarra Libraries.
Ask staff at your local branch to arrange a loan or check the Library catalogue for availability or to place a hold.

 pdf format Power Mate Fact Sheet (674.96kB)

Lux Meter

The lux meter is a powerful tool that can be used to identify significant energy savings.
It allows you to measure light levels in a room or space and compare these to the minimum recommended light levels.
A lux meter can be used to pinpoint over-lit areas in your office or home and then de-lamp (or reduce the amount of lights you have) to reduce energy use.
Two Lux metres are available for one week loan.
Check the library catalogue for further information.



Further information
Judy Bell
Yarra Libraries Coordinator
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