Property Information

When is a property information certificate required?

It is required for property development or sale of land transfers. Usually your solicitor, conveyancer or building surveyor will apply on your behalf. We provide information in the form of a certificate.

You apply online via our eservices website. A user guide is attached for online submissions.

How long will it take ?

We process requests generally within 5 business days. For urgent certificates, within 24 hours.

What is the cost?

Standard fee $51.20 / per certificate

Urgent fee $102.40 / per certificate

What information will I receive?

The 3 different types of property information certificate are as follows:

1. Building Regulation 326 (1)

Information on building particulars on the property, generally for sale purposes. It may be requested for property development by a building surveyor to check if there are any current building notices or orders.

  • Details of any Building Permits issued in the preceding 10 years including Final Certificate/Occupancy Permit details.
  • Details of any current notice or order issued by the relevant building surveyor.

2. Building Regulation 326 (2)

Information, for development or sale purposes, as to whether the building or land is in an area:

  • Liable to flooding within the meaning of Regulation 802.
  • Designated under Regulation 803 as an area in which buildings are like to be subject to attack by termites.
  • Determined under Regulation 804 to be designated bushfire prone area.
  • Determine under Regulation 805 to be likely to be subject to significant snowfalls.
  • Designated land or works within the meaning of Regulation 806.

3. Building Regulation 326 (3)

Owner, mortgagee or a prescribed building practitioner under section 137B of the Act may apply for this information. Written proof of identity and copy of authorisation (if applicable) is required.

  • Inspection approval dates of the mandatory notification stages for building work carried out on that building or land.

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