Vehicle crossing

Applying for vehicle access into a property can be a complex process. Please read the process and below and contact Council on the number below if you have any further inquiries. The steps involved are:

Properties with a heritage overlay require planning approval. The Statutory Planning unit can advise you if your property is affected and will provide the information.

Download and complete the application form and compile the documents listed on the checklist. Please Note:

pdf format App 12_Permanent Vehicle Crossing v1.0 (144.91 KB)

  • Site plans need to be drawn to appropriate standards, so may require professional expertise. See also the links below to Yarra Standard Drawings.
  • If a street tree is on the space you want to use, Council’s arborist will need to be involved. Permit applications that are concerned with requests for the removal/replacement of a Council tree will be assessed on the tree’s condition, suitability, landscape value and significance. Council will assess the tree to determine its value. The cost of replacement, removal and an amenity charge will be payable by the applicant

Submit the application with copies of the required information as listed.

A council officer will visit your site and assess your proposal.  We may need more information from you at this stage or we may need to refer the application to other council business units for their input. Once the assessment has been completed you will be notified of the decision.

If your application is successful, you then need to supply a Traffic management plan prepared by a qualified person, You will  also receive an invoice to pay for your permit.

Once the permit has been issued the inspection process will commence. It is a condition of the permit that you make arrangements for the council officer to inspect the vehicle crossing during the various stages of its construction, i.e. excavation/boxing and pouring.

 Costs to 30 June 2017

Permit fee is per crossover

Development residential - $426.40 single residential property or one unit.

Commercial/Industrial - $630  two or more units

 Yarra Standard Drawings

The relevant standard is determined by Council’s planning scheme.  If is within a Heritage Overlay Precinct then a YSD52 style must be constructed.

Drawing Title

Downloadable Document Link

YSD51 Standard Concrete Vehicle Crossing.

YSD52 Bluestone & Asphalt Crossings.

Permanent Vehicle Crossing section requirements docx format Permanent vehicle crossing section requirements 2017 (148.90 KB)


Generally permits are processed within 10 working days.


In person:
Monday - Friday, 8.30am - 4.30pm
Richmond Town Hall
333 Bridge Road

By email:

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