Smoke alarms

Council reminds all residents to check their smoke alarms regularly.

Most fire-related deaths occur in dwellings and other residential buildings when people are asleep and are unable to smell smoke. A smoke alarm that is properly installed, regularly tested and adequately maintained will significantly reduce your risk.

State Building Regulations require all dwellings to be fitted with working smoke alarms. Smoke alarms must be regularly maintained and tested in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. This can involve cleaning the alarm to remove any dust build-up, testing the alarm monthly and replacing the battery each year.

Smoke alarms must be installed on or near the ceiling no closer than 300mm from the junction of the ceiling and a wall. They must be installed on every storey and be located between the bedrooms and the remainder of that storey.

When attending residential premises, Council building officers check installed smoke alarms to ensure that they are correctly located and are in working condition.


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