When proposing to build a new fence, there are several factors to consider, such as whether or not a building or planning permit are required, and discussing the proposed fence with any neighbours who share the same boundary.

To find out whether your proposed fence requires planning or building permits, contact City of Yarra 9205 5555. 

A scale drawing of the proposed fence, (preferably draftsman drawn) indicating height and materials to be used in the construction of the fence may be required. If the fence is located in an area where heritage overlay controls apply, a planning permit is required.

For more information on fences download Council's fact sheet below.

pdf format Fencing Guide and Checklist (774.47 KB)

Organising a fence on a shared boundary

Regulations concerning the cost sharing of boundary fences is a civil matter controlled by the Fences Act 1968 and is outside Council's jurisdiction.

If you would like to replace an existing fence along a shared boundary, you should discuss the matter with your neighbour or write them a letter.

If you do not know who owns the adjoining property, contact Council's Building Services on 9205 5555.

More information is available in the Parliament of Victoria's Fencing Quick Guide.

Information about resolving a neighbourhood fencing dispute is available at the Department of Justice website.

Other contacts:

Dial A Law (fencing information)
Ph: 9602 5000

Dispute Settlement Service
9603 8370

Fencing Request - Property Ownership details

If you require ownership details of a property in Yarra, you must complete a pdf format Fencing Request - Owners details Form (68.44 KB)

Swimming Pools

If you intend to build a swimming pool or spa capable of containing water exceeding 300mm deep, a building permit is required.

This also applies to above ground pools and indoor pools. A pool safety fence or barrier is required before the swimming pool is filled with water.

A building permit is required to construct a safety fence or barrier to a pre-existing swimming pool or spa.

If you wish to obtain a statement from the municipal building surveyor that the safety measures put in place comply with the requirements of the regulations, a fee will apply.

The municipal building surveyor or his representative may visit your property at any time to ensure that the safety measures for your swimming pool or spa are in place and adequately maintained.

We recommended that you request a copy of an "Information kit for pool owners", which can be found at the Building Commission Website.  

Further information
City of Yarra
9205 5555

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