A petition is a formal written request to Council which has been signed by multiple people (who each provide their name and street address).  Petitions express concern about an issue and request Council take action.

Any person may organise a petition and request that it be ‘tabled’ (formally received) at a meeting of the Yarra City Council.

What does a petition look like?

A petition has three main components:

  • a brief statement telling Council about the issue of concern
  • a brief statement telling Council what action you would like Council to take,and
  • a list of peoples’ names, street addresses and signatures.

It is important that:

  • every individual page of the petition contains these three components
  • every person signing the petition includes their physical street address (not a post office box).

Here is a  pdf format Sample Petition (11.78kB)

How to lodge a petition

Petitions can be lodged by sending them to:

Ivan Gilbert
Executive Manager – Chief Executive's Office 

Yarra City Council
PO Box 168

or delivered to the Richmond Town Hall, 333 Bridge Road, Richmond.

The organiser of the petition should attach a separate letter containing their contact details, so we can reply to you after the petition has been ‘tabled’.

How is a petition formally received by Council

Once we receive your petition, we will arrange for it to be tabled at a Council meeting by a ward Councillor.  It will then be formally received by Council and referred to an officer for action and/or report to a subsequent Council meeting.

Joint letters

A joint letter is a letter signed by more than one person.  A joint letter can be in any format and may be submitted to Council in the same way as a petition.

Petitions to the Victorian or Federal Parliament

Here are links to external sites on how to petition the Victorian Parliament or the Federal Parliament.

Further Information
Ivan Gilbert
Executive Manager – Chief Executive’s Office
9205 5110

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