Local Laws

Building-1Council has several local laws which provide for order, public safety and good governance.

Local laws set legally enforceable standards and guidelines for managing activities and issues in the community.

The laws are in place to provide advice and guidance on a diverse range of subjects, from busking and dealing with abandoned trolleys to overhanging vegetation and what is permitted on building sites. 

They are set out in the following documents:


Council adopts Local Law 

Council has reviewed two of its Local Laws to make them easier to understand and more user-friendly for the wider community. The new local law, known as the General Local Law merges the previous Environment Local Law No.3 and Roads and Council Land Local Law No.2.

Council consulted with the community on the proposed General Local Law, in particular changes proposed as a result of the merger. 


Council's Compliance unit is responsible for ensuring that Local Laws are obeyed. The unit has the power to issue infringement notices and enact court proceedings if people are not complying with Local Laws.

Please note: The Victoria Police is responsible for ensuring compliance with the ban on public drinking.

In an effort to simplify the information available about Local Laws, Council is producing a series of fact sheets that apply to situations where they are most commonly applied.

Click here to read about Local Laws that apply to building sites in Yarra.

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