Cr Simon Huggins

Cr Simon Huggins was first elected to Council as a representative of Melba Ward - which takes in Richmond, Burnley and Cremorne - on 27 October 2012. 

Representing the interests of Yarra’s creative community, especially the local live music scene is one of the key priorities for Cr Huggins.

As a director of both a record label and a local arts and music festival, Cr Huggins wants to help creative spaces in Yarra flourish and harness the contribution of live music to the economy.

“The music industry contributed over half a billion dollars to the Victorian economy in 2011. The question for all levels of government now is how we help it grow and acknowledge the contribution of the creative workforce to our economy?” Cr Huggins said.

Cr Huggins is also passionate about tackling poverty and ensuring that young people who experience poverty are not left behind in the education system.

He also believes it is important that planning decisions are made with the community’s best interests in mind.

“We need to make sure that new developments are in line with our environmental, economic and social objectives, so that our community is enriched by development and not damaged by it,” he said.

 Cr Huggins is a member of Council’s Business Advisory Group, the Performance Review Sub Committee, Yarra Arts Advisory Committee (YAARTS) and the Yarra Sustainability Awards Panel.

Cr Huggins is a member of the Labor Party.

He can be contacted on 0419 581 469, 9205 5055 or at

Below is a map which shows the area Cr Huggins represents:

View Melba Ward in a larger map

Further information
Barbara Higgins
Coordinator, Mayor and Councillors' Office 
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c/o PO Box 168 Richmond 3121
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