Cr Jackie Fristacky

Cr Jackie Fristacky

Cr Fristacky represents the Nicholls Ward, which covers North Carlton, North Fitzroy, Princes Hill, and parts of Fitzroy, Clifton Hill and Collingwood.

She has represented the City of Yarra over four terms since 2002, including servig as Mayor in 2005/06, 2012/13 and 2013/14.  

Cr Fristacky's priorities include: establishment of an indoor sports complex for Yarra, building a permanent home for the North Fitzroy Library, and more trees and landscaping for Yarra's streets and shopping precincts.

Improving and maintaining the open space of Curtain Square, Edinburgh Gardens, Linear Park and the Hardy Gallagher Reserve are also high priorities.

"Council's role is to support and enhance the community – whether through safe streets, library services, childcare, open space and sporting facilities, or through encouraging healthy physical activity, neighbourliness and community building programs," she said.

"Council can nurture community building in so many ways."

Cr Fristacky is passionate about government and industry efforts to achieve long-term solutions to traffic congestion and road safety.

"Improving the passenger transport system so that it is well-connected, accessible and reliable, is the most effective means of dealing with congestion in cities," Cr Fristacky said.
"This also supports social equity, better land use and the environment," she said.

Cr Fristacky, elected as an Independent Councillor, is a member of the Municipal Association of Victoria Transport and Infrastructure Advisory Group. As a keen cyclist of 30 years, she is also the Victorian Local Governance Association (VLGA) representative on the State Government's Victorian Bicycle Advisory Committee (VBAC).

Cr Fristacky serves as a member of the Bicycle Advisory Committee, the Municipal Health Plan Advisory Committee, the Disability Advisory Committee, the Performance Review Sub Committee, the Yarra Arts Advisory Committee, Yarra Sustainability Awards Panel  and the North Fitzroy Community Hub Community Design Reference Group.

She represents Council on the Doncaster Rail Local Government Group, the Metropolitan Transport Forum (MTF) and the Municipal Association of Victoria, the Northern Alliance for Greenhouse Action and the Victorian Local Governance Association.

She can be contacted on 9205 5055, 0412 597 794 or at

Below is a map which shows the area Cr Fristacky represents:

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