Cr Geoff Barbour

Cr Geoff BarbourCr Barbour was first elected to Council in 2008 and re-elected on 27 October 2012 as a representative of Langridge Ward, which includes Abbotsford, Alphington, Fairfield and parts of Clifton Hill, Fitzroy, Richmond and Collingwood (see map of Langridge Ward). 

Cr Barbour also served as Yarra's Mayor from 15 December 2011 until 27 October 2012.

A Yarra resident for more than 30 years, Cr Barbour seeks to reconcile Yarra's vibrant arts scene with the needs of residents.

He decided to stand for Council when, as President of the Fitzroy Residents' Association, he helped residents raise concerns about planning, parking and late trading pubs and clubs.

"One of the reasons that Yarra is such a great place to live is because we have so many thriving arts, hospitality and entertainment venues at our doorstop," Cr Barbour said.

"However, Council - through its planning decisions and local laws enforcement - plays an important role in ensuring venues don't negatively impact on their residential neighbourhoods."

Cr Barbour is working towards meeting community needs -  during his first term the following improvements have been achieved:

  • upgrading the Collingwood Leisure Centre in Clifton Hill
  • opening of the upgraded Victoria Park football ground.

During his second term he aims to work towards turning the vacant Lourdes building (near Abbotsford Convent) into a childcare facility and providing more wireless internet hot spots in local community hubs.

A member of the Australian Labor Party, Cr Barbour lives in Fitzroy with his partner and their two children.

He works for an industry superannuation fund, and has previously served on the North Yarra Community Health Board, which oversees the Collingwood, Fitzroy and Carlton Community Health Centres.

Cr Barbour is a member of Council’s Australia Day Awards Committee, Heritage Advisory Committee, Performance Review Sub Committee, Yarra Arts Advisory Committee (YAARTS) and the Yarra Sustainability Awards Panel.

Cr Barbour represents Council on the Metropolitan (Local Government) Waste Management Forum and the Victorian Local Governance Association.  

Geoff can be contacted on 9205 5055, 0438 034 241 or at

Below is a map shows the area which Cr Barbour represents:


View Langridge Ward in a larger map          

Further information
Barbara Higgins
Coordinator, Mayor and Councillors' Office 
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c/o PO Box 168 Richmond 3121
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