Yarra Environment Advisory Committee

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Why was the committee formed?

Capitalising on the knowledge, experience and skill available in the Yarra community, YEAC was established to provide advice to Council in respect to:

  • strategic advice on key policy development, issues that affect the environment, and the design and delivery of specific environmental programs by Council.
  • raising the profile of the environmental sustainability activities within the city of Yarra; and
  • ensuring this key focus of work for the City of Yarra community is provided with an appropriate communication mechanism with Council.

What does YEAC do?

The function of the Yarra Environment Advisory Committee is to provide advice to Council on:

  • The development and implementation key policies that affect/support the environment of the City of Yarra.
  • The delivery of its Council Plan, in particular the implementation of the Yarra Environment Strategy;
  • Priorities, strategies, initiatives and issues affecting the City of Yarra community in terms of environmental sustainability;
  • Resolving issues that may arise from the Agenda of YEAC meetings; and
  • How to engage the wider City of Yarra community on environmental sustainability issues

When does YEAC meet?

Meetings are held every 2 months.

How can I join YEAC?

Nominations for YEAC occur every 2 years. In early 2016, after a comprehensive recruitment process, 12 new members and 2 youth members were appointed for a two-year term. The next refresh is therefore expected to occur in early 2018. Sign-up to Yarra Environment e-news to stay informed on membership opportunities. 

Who are the Councillor representatives on the committee? 

Cr Mike McEvoy and Cr Amanda Stone. 

Terms of reference

Here are our Terms of Reference (TOR) for the Yarra Environment Advisory Committee

Further information

Michael Oke 
Coordinator Environmental Management
9205 5723

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