Laneway Gardens Review

Laneway gardens review

This consultation is now closed. Council sought feedback on proposed guidelines for community members who wish to establish ‘pop-up’ laneway gardens.

Last year Council adopted guidelines for the creation of pop-up gardens in laneways to balance the interests of all community members in utilising and accessing Yarra’s laneways.

These guidelines detail the regulations around creating a laneway garden, while maintaining the statutory rights of all residents to have access to their properties.

‘Pop-up’ gardens are different to community gardens which are generally permanent structures established on Council owned or managed land and covered by Council’s Urban Agriculture Guidelines which were adopted in 2011 to manage urban agriculture activities in Yarra.

The guidelines describe ‘pop up’ gardens as planter boxes, planted pots or similar portable containers, but are not a permanent structure.

Click here to see a copy of the guidelines.

Click here to fill in an online form with your feedback.

For more information, contact Stewart Martin, Manager Compliance on 9205 5166 or via

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