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Living Longer Living StrongerYarra Leisure offers several programs tailored to the older adult. Living Longer Living Stronger is an integral part of the programs we deliver.

Living Longer Living Stronger Program

Living Longer Living Stronger is a Council on the Ageing (COTA) endorsed strength training program for people over 50.

Yarra City Council was named the Metropolitan Provider of the Year at the inaugural Strength Training for Older People Innovation Awards 2009 for its Living Longer Living Stronger program.

The program is sessional, which means you can attend whatever session suits you. Sessions are held at Collingwood Leisure Centre, Fitzroy Swimming Pool and Richmond Recreation Centre.

Facts about why older people should stay fit and active

  • Without intervention, muscle strength declines with age

  • Falls are the leading cause of all injury related hospitalisation for people over 65yrs in Australia

  • In 1997/98, 45,649 people over 65yrs were hospitalised

  • In 1995, 827 people died from fall-related injuries

  • Age related muscle decline and the related consequences are a common cause of falls

  • Women from the age of 35yrs, lose up to 1% of their bone mass per year, this loss accelerates rapidly after menopause

  • Half of all Australian women over 60yrs are at risk of osteoporosis

  • Approximately 40% or 533,268 Victorian's over 50 yrs have Diabetes or Impaired Glucose Tolerance which increases the risk of Diabetes

  • Medical Research has proven that strength training will regain and maintain muscle strength, preserve bone density, improve strength, balance, gait, flexibility and co-ordination, which then improves the ability to lift, walk, bend, climb stairs and enjoy life.

The program

  • Is supervised and run by qualified staff experienced in working with people of 50 years
  • Is conducted in a safe, enjoyable, friendly and social environment
  • Includes an appropriate exercise screening and an individually tailored exercise program
  • Sessions are one hour duration, and include a 15 minute group core, balance and stretch session.

We will guide you to develop safe strength training techniques and also encourage you to progressively increase the workload to maximise your strength capabilities.

Participants must have a certificate from their doctor which states they are fit to participate. This letter or certificate should be brought to the assessment appointment. A medical consent form is also required to be completed and brought to the assessment appointment.  
pdf format Living Longer Living Stronger medical consent form (113.87 KB)

An assessment is required with a Yarra Leisure gym instructor – outside the hours of the LLLS session. During this appointment a health assessment form is completed and the instructor will discuss any specific health issue to be addressed, and an exercise program is written appropriate to that individual.

There is a one off fee for the assessment, and then sessions can be purchased on a casual basis or a session pass of 10 or 25 visits can be purchased.

Session Times

The program is sessional, which means you can attend whatever session suits you. Sessions are held at Collingwood Leisure Centre, Fitzroy Swimming Pool and Richmond Recreation Centre.

Collingwood Leisure Centre


8am, 11am




8am, 11am


8am, 11am

Sessions take place on public holidays.

Richmond Recreation Centre


6am, 7am, 8am, 9am, 10am


8am, 9am


6am, 7am, 8am, 9am, 10am


8am, 9am, 6.30pm


6am, 7am, 8am, 9am, 10am

No sessions on public holidays.

We also offer culturally specific living Longer Living stronger sessions at Richmond Recreation Centre for:
Chinese group - Tuesday at 11.00am

Participants for any of these sessions must have their doctors complete a comprehensive medical assessment in English. 


Assessment - $39.10

Session fee - $7.20

Concession (HCC or Age Pension only) - $3.50

Further information
Yarra Leisure
9205 5032

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